Dancing in my Mother's Slippers

How do we live as our parents
grow older and die?

Fayegail Mandell Bisaccia ponders this and other questions in her candid and insightful journal. With her own honesty, she encourages us to look deeper, to be aware of our impact on those we love. She encourages us to start conversations now which will open our hearts to healing communication with our parents and with our children as we ask these questions of ourselves.

Dancing in My Mother’s Slippers begins as Fayegail’s mother is diagnosed with ovarian cancer. We follow Fayegail through the shock, the plans, the final months, weeks, and days of her mother’s life. We see first hand what she experiences at the loss of her mother with whom she shared a rich and caring friendship.

We witness the death, the Jewish bereavement practices, the dawning of grief as a new sense of reality sets in.

The story continues as Fayegail experiences the ebb and flow of grief. We watch, through her eyes, as the family begins to heal and supports their father in his grief, his gradual healing, his return to a more active life, and ultimately through his final illness and death. We come to know that grief is not something one gets over, but rather something that one integrates into one’s life, into oneself.

Fayegail shares the spiritual practices upon which she relies to sustain her in her grief and in all the parts of her life. We see a profound integration of the various aspects of herself as she perseveres in living a life of mindfulness and wellbeing.

Dancing in My Mother’s Slippers presents us with a model for family relationships, for healing and for living.

Conversations about
Dancing in My Mother's Slippers

Fayegail invites readers to participate in discussions of Dancing in My Mother’s Slippers as a way to explore personal spirituality in the context of grief and healing. A book group guide can be found on this website and also at the back of the book.

If you would like to invite Fayegail to speak with your book group – in person or online via Skype – or if you would like to  organize a discussion group in your community, write to Fayegail@GriefandHealing.net.

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