Dancing in my Mother's Slippers
  1. What is Dancing in My Mother’s Slippers saying to you?

  2. Which characters in this book remind you of people in your life? Who and in what way? How are the relationships in the book similar to or different from relationships in your life?

  3. Do certain parts of the book resonate with you more than others? In what way?

  4. Are there parts of the book that are especially painful for you to read? Comforting? Joyful? Why do you think that is so?

  5. How do you feel about the explicit physical details in the book? Have you had similar experiences as a caregiver or patient? What has it been like for you?

  6. Fayegail writes about the influence of Judaism, faith and spirituality upon her healing process. What roles do religion, faith and spirituality play in your own loss, bereavement and healing process? In other areas of your life? Has Dancing in My Mother’s Slippers influenced you in those realms?

  7. What is your relationship with your community? How is it similar to or different from Fayegail's community involvement?

  8. Fayegail contemplates her dreams as one way of looking more deeply into herself. Do you have your own version of dream work? How is it similar to and different from Fayegail's approach?

  9. What questions arise in you as you read the book?

  10. How has this book affected you? Has it changed you? How?

  11. How might Dancing in My Mother’s Slippers help you with your own grief?

  12. How does this book compare with similar books you've read?

  13. Is this a book you would recommend to others? Why or why not?
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