Mindful Grieving

Book Readings and Signings

Please check back for upcoming events.

Fayegail is available for book readings and signings in public and private venues.  To host a book event, e-mail her at fayegail@griefandhealing.net.

Discussion Groups

For more information, call 541-482-5565.

If you would like to host an ongoing Mindfulness discussion group, write to fayegail@griefandhealing.net and suggest a place and time that would work for you.

Conversations about
Dancing in My Mother's Slippers


Fayegail invites readers to participate in discussions of Dancing in My Mother's Slippers as a way to explore personal spirituality in the context of grief and healing. A book group guide can be found on this website and also at the back of the book. If you would like to invite Fayegail to speak at your book group, either in person or on Skype, e-mail her at fayegail@griefandhealing.net.

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